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georgia divorce with minor children

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Complaint for Divorce With Minor Children - Approved September 3 2010 Provided by the DeKalb County Superior Court and the Atlanta Legal Aid Society Page 1 of 11 DeKalb County Georgia and currently resides in the State of subject to the personal jurisdiction of the Court under Georgia s Long Arm Statute OCGA 9-10-91 5. SUPERIOR COURT OF DEKALB COUNTY STATE OF GEORGIA Plaintiff Civil Action vs. Case Number Defendant. COMPLAINT FOR DIVORCE WITH MINOR CHILDREN My name is and I am representing...
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I have also been domiciled in the same county as the Defendant for more than six (6) months immediately prior to filing this action. I have filed all necessary required documents with the Judge, including a copy of all necessary fees, orders, bonds, and certificates of insurance. Furthermore, I have filed all other necessary documents such as summons and a temporary Order of Protection, and my name and the name and address of the Defendant's current husband have been previously verified before said Judge, pursuant to Georgia Code Section 20-50-5(c)(1). H (b) I have been domiciled in the same county as the Defendant for more than six (6) months immediately prior to the filing of this action. I have also filed all necessary documents with the Court, including a copy of all necessary fees, orders, bonds, and certificates of insurance. I have filed all other necessary documents such as summons and a temporary Order of Protection, as stated above. Furthermore, I have complied with the applicable deadlines set forth in Georgia Code Section 20-49-22 and 20-49-23. Furthermore, I have filed all other necessary documents at the court's office. Furthermore, I have appeared in person on one date, and by telephone on one other date, to present my case pursuant to Georgia Code Section 20-49-22 and 20-49-23 and on-time, within the applicable deadlines. 2. Venue: I am located in the County of DeKalb County, State of Georgia, and my case is heard in the Superior Court, Fulton County, Fulton County Superior Court, and the Fulton County Superior Court in DeKalb County. 3. The Parties: I am not currently married and: I am the Plaintiff in this action. I am now a single parent with two children: A. The Defendant's current marriage to the Plaintiff's ex-husband, Joseph B. B. III. B. I am entitled to receive child support under Georgia Code Section 20-2-20(B)(4). Furthermore, I have received child support payments from the Defendant since January 8, 2011, through the Department of Human Resources' Support Enforcement Unit. Furthermore, I have been informed of my status as a registered parent and have complied with all statutory requirements for receiving child support. Furthermore, I am eligible to petition for termination of the Defendant's parental rights under Code Section I have filed my Petition for Parental Termination of the Plaintiff's Current Husband, Joseph B. B.

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Good day my name is Stephanie sale, and I'm a private practice attorney here in the Greater Atlanta area I've had the privilege of helping clients in crisis since 1993 when I was admitted to the bar in Georgia, and today we're going to talk about how to get divorced in the state of Georgia there are two ways the uncontested method and the contestant method one of the most frequent questions we get from potential clients is what is the difference between the two methods there's a common misconception out there that if two people want to get divorced that somehow that means that they will have an uncontested divorce and although that's a step in the right direction that doesn't necessarily mean that they have an uncontested divorce because what matters is done these two people have an agreement on how to resolve the underlying issues of the marriage because in Georgia a judge will not issue a final judgment decree of divorce until all the issues of the marriage have been resolved either by settlement or by trial so what are the main areas that two parties have to be an agreement on in order to be granted an uncontested divorce well if they have minor children then custody and visitation is the first area number two again if they have minor children child support 3 division of assets for debt allocation and 5 alimony now as a side note alimony is not something that is applicable to the majority of divorcing families, but it is an issue for some people now notice that I said that these were five main areas there are other interrelated sub issues that need to be addressed during the divorce process and these issues can include which parent is going to carry health insurance for the minor children whore going to claim the children as tax exemptions on their state and federal taxes attorneys fees these are just some other sub issues that need to be addressed in a divorce process now if the parties are able to agree on all of these issues then they have what is considered to be an uncontested divorce and as you may suspect an uncontested divorce is quicker and cheaper than a contested action an uncontested divorce is usually paid by a flat fee method which means that the client pays the attorney a one-time fee to get the client from the beginning of the process to the end where the client is successfully divorced and in exchange for that the client will owe the attorney no more money for this service in Georgia a plaintiff can be granted a divorce anytime 31 days after all the necessary paperwork has been filed in and that that is one of the quickest waiting periods of any state in the country now contested divorce as you might have guessed by this point is where the parties cannot reach an agreement on one or more of the issues and when that is the case then the only way for those issues to be resolved is either by attorneys negotiating these issues to resolution for the clients or a judge or jury will decide those matters for them a contested action...


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